There are two types of systems available in the solar market:

  1. Grid-Tied System
  2. Off-Grid System


A GRID-TIED SYSTEM is a semi-autonomous electrical generation or grid energy storage system which links to the utility company to feed excess capacity back to the local utility’s electrical grid.   The main advantage, besides cost, is that in the event your solar system is not working, you will still have access to electricity through your utility company.   The disadvantage is that if the utility company is without power, you will be as well.













An OFF-GRID SYSTEM is for locations that do not have the availability of power from the grid or for customers that do not want to be connected to the grid. Typically these systems will include batteries to store energy for power when the sun is not shining and a back-up generator. These systems are more expensive than grid tied systems and the batteries will require maintenance and eventually replacement.